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I can has nap?

No, no nap nao.

There goes your neighborhood...
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Single mom two kids professional kinda green moderate liberal blah blah blah.


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80's hair bands, akio car, amvs, anime, apocolypse now, arthur c. clarke, australian indoor-rules quiddich, aya matsuura, b-movies, bodily functions, bumper stickers, cars, cats, coast to coast am, cooking, cthulhu-chan, cute japanese guys, dance dance revolution, dark and angsty bishounen, dark chocolate, dark morbid totoro, drag queens, drawing, driving, ebay, elko, evil babies, evilgenki, executive transvestites, fanart, full metal jacket, gay viking porn, gemology, ghost in the shell, graphics, greg bear, guns, halo, hilariously inappropriate humor, house m.d., house/gary stu songfics, introspection, inventing drunken boxing moves, irony, irresistably sexy fictional jerks, ishida akira, issac asimov, japanese, joe don baker, john william waterhouse, koyasu takahito, kuronekosama, larry niven, listerine pocketpaks, macking on black yamada, manga, meej's brain, megatokyo, migraine control, mint brussels, mixology, mocking pretentious people, mullet worship, music, neil gaimen, ninja employment opportunities, obstetrics, ohtori cola, opera, photoshop, pimpcanes, pink floyd, pop art, pre-raphaelite art, princess mononoke, procrastinating, psychology, quizzes, rajani's daddy issues, really good commercials, science fiction, serge graycloak, shoujo kakumei utena, slash, slayers next, slayers try, smf, surveys, surviving your children, tattoos, terry pratchett, the matrix, the rent boys, tori amos, toyota mr2s, treo, trigun, trivia, upperlack, urban survival skills, utada hikaru, valgaav's spankable ass, vin diesel's voice, white-haired evil bishounen, yamadharma graycloak, zydeco, ¬


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